What is Yuzu?

For the record, Yuzu is a fruit that comes from Asia, more precisely from China and Tibet. It was not until the year 618 that Yuzu arrived in Japan and Korea. Subsequently, the consumption and production of Yuzu became centralized in these two countries and has been developing there for several millennia now. This fruit, in its various uses, is now inked in Japanese and Korean culinary culture.

Yuzu has recently appeared in France through various Asian recipes that have been exported, or through revisited Western recipes.

Yuzu has many benefits for the body.

First, Yuzu fully contributes to strengthening the immune system thanks in particular to its concentration of vitamin C (about three times more than in an orange). It is this vitamin that contributes to the defense of immune cells and helps strengthen the body and accelerate the healing of wounds.

Then, by consuming Yuzu, the absorption of iron and calcium by the body is greatly improved, which will help fight fatigue.

Through the flavonoids (secondary molecules) that Yuzu contains, it reduces the permeability of capillaries and consolidates them.

In addition to these benefits, Yuzu is very popular today. This small Japanese yellow citrus carries notes of lime, grapefruit and tangerine with floral undertones.

On the shop www.le-comptoir-inari.com , you can find fruity drinks based on of Yuzu from Sansu. She basically selects the highest quality Yuzu grown in Korea and Japan.

Its drinks are free from sweeteners and preservatives. They can be consumed in a bottle or in a cocktail, and will delight the taste buds of people who do not wish or do not consume alcohol during your meals / parties!


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