What is Tensai Tea?

Tensaï Tea is an exceptional iced tea, a subtle blend of home-brewed tea and fruit. The tea leaves are carefully selected in the purest Japanese tradition and come from organic and responsible agriculture. Very slightly sweet with organic agave syrup, Tensaï Tea offers a perfect balance between tea and fruit.

The Tensai Tea experience is a moment of harmony, respect, purity and serenity, just like the tea ceremony.

For the little story

The tea ceremony dates from the 12 th century, when the Japanese monks, after a stay in the great monasteries in China, return with the precious tea leaves.

It was in the 16 th century that Sen no Rikyu, the great Master of tea, democratized the tea ceremony. Sen no Rikyu celebrated it in a small rustic pavilion with modest and discreet objects.

In the spirit of Zen Buddhism, the tea ceremony gives pride of place to contemplation.

Admiring the beauty of nature and the simple things is a way to break away from the vulgarity of everyday life.

So a guest at a tea ceremony should admire everything around him. It is about reaching the realm of spirituality: Harmony, respect, purity and peace of mind.

The four main principles

The tea ceremony must respond to four major principles inspired by Zen Buddhism described in the core values of Tensai Tea:

  • The harmony of the relationship between host and guest gives meaning to the tea ceremony. Tensaï Tea should be a harmonious sharing where everyone receives as much as they give.
  • The respect. Each participant in the tea ceremony must treat the people and objects around them with the utmost respect. Tensaï Tea harvests its tea leaves with respect for organic and responsible agriculture.
  • The purity. These purifications are a reminder that it takes a pure heart, free from pretension, to appreciate the ceremony and, more generally, what surrounds us. Tensaï Tea offers a subtle blend that purifies body and mind.
  • Tranquility. It is the state of serenity which can only be achieved when the other three principles are realized. Tensaï Tea allows you to experience the tea ceremony intensely and achieve absolute tranquility.

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