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Japanese sakes of the moment

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42,00 39,90
Round and fruity “Yamahai”. Aromas of ripe banana, butter.

Squid, fish, grilled white fish ...

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56,00 53,20
Aged 10 years with a round, smooth and mellow body. 

Dark chocolate, dried fruits, cheese ...

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62,00 58,90
Dry with subtle salty, toasted and vegetal flavors.

Vegetables, red meats, stews, broths ...

Permanent Japanese sakes

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38,00 36,10
Sake macerated in Yuzu. Unique and refreshing flavors.


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39,10 37,15
Sake macerated in Ume, with notes of spices, nuts and ...

Aperitifs, Fruit tarts of plums or apricots, Chocolates ...

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38,00 36,10
Very balanced with delicate fruity aromas. A slight bitterness in the end.

Red meat, fatty fish, or prosciutto surrounding melon

Choose 2 bottles

And get -5% discount

Choose 2 bottles

And get -5% discount

The Boxes Of The Moment

Cocktail Box
The Cocktail Box is a box made up of Chikusen Umeshu, an alcohol-free Yuzu & Pear and its Cocktail recipe, made by Guillaume ROUSSET.
Duo Box
The Duo Box is a box allowing you to discover 2 Japanese sakes from the shop, selected by the sake sommelier

The SakeBox subscription

From 43 €

The SakeBox is a Japanese box focused on Japanese sake, but not only. It is composed of 2 Japanese sakes, 2 Japanese beers , 1 soft drink, 1 Japanese accessory.

This Japanese box works by season: Each season of the year, its content changes! So the changes are made in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

The Inari Club subscription

From 38 €

The Club Inari subscription allows you to benefit for 38 € / month or 40 € / quarter of sake of your choice in the shop, regardless of the price . In addition to this bottle, Club members benefit from:

  • - 5% discount permanent on the entire store.
  • La carte Club Inari.
  • Access to private sales .

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