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Japanese sake

Japanese sake, whose real name is “nihonshu”, is an alcohol obtained from the fermentation of rice. With an average alcohol content of 14 °, sake is made to accompany and sublimate dishes!

There are many categories in Japanese sake. But above all there are a multitude of flavors and taste possibilities.

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Hanagaki Junmai Ginjo (Exclusive Inari)
Very balanced sake with delicate fruity aromas. A slight bitterness comes at the end.
Hokuso Sanyu
“Yamahai” sake, round and fruity, presenting appetizing aromas of ripe banana and butter, coating floral fragrances.
Yuzu Sake
Sake macerated in Yuzu. Unique and refreshing flavors.
Umetsu No Genshu
Characteristic sake with a nice roundness. Spicy, earthy notes of black sugar.
« Début »
Powerful sake with aromas of mushrooms, liquorice and toasted nuts.
Chikusen Umeshu (Exclusive Inari)
Sake macerated in Ume, very fruity with hints of spices, nuts and soy.
Harugokoro Junmai Kimoto
"Kimoto" sake with aromas of mushrooms, butter, and soy, ideal with Cheese!  
Hanagaki Kijonenpu 10 Years (Exclusive Inari)
Sake aged 10 years with a round, smooth and mellow body, with a slight acidity at the end.
Chikusen Black Label (Exclusive Inari)
Dry sake with subtle salty, toasted and vegetal flavors. With natural rice aroma.

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