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Valentine's Day in Japan

Yes, even in Japan, romanticism and little hearts are revealed on February 14. This western holiday was brought to Japan at the end of the 20 th century. Of course like Christmas and other holidays, the Japanese don't celebrate Valentine's Day the same way we do.

In Japan, Valentine's Day takes place on 2 different days, with 2 different names: Valentine's Day on February 14, and “White Day” on March 14.

In Japan, on February 14, it's women's gifts for men. Indeed, tradition dictates that it is women who offer chocolates to men on this date. But don't worry, if there are 2 different dates, that's also why.

There are 2 main types of gift chocolates for this event:

  • The "Giri-choco": This means "courtesy chocolate". As its name suggests, this chocolate is a gift to give to people who are familiar with unfamiliar people, often colleagues at work.
  • The "Honmei-choco": This means "chocolate of destiny". You will understand, this chocolate is offered by women to the man who matters most to them. We then get closer to what we know in France, with chocolates wrapped in a heart-shaped box.

There are still other types of chocolates, which could be offered as a friendship, for example.

The “White Day” takes place 1 month after Valentine's Day. So this is the day that men give women gifts.

Men who received chocolates on Valentine's Day should give the woman a gift in return. The "White Day" is characterized in particular by often white gifts. It could be white chocolates or other delicacies. Especially if it is for a woman without any familiarity.

If the man has received a "chocolate of destiny", he will offer more in return, jewelry or lingerie, favoring the color white.

Traditionally, men give gifts two to three times the value of the chocolates they receive.


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