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Tasting workshop

Japanese sake is a new alcohol in France. Even today, half of the French confuse Japanese sake with a Chinese digestif.

Just as drinking wine takes experience, Japanese sake is a complex alcohol that requires some knowledge to be fully appreciated.

The tasting workshop is the best answer possible to the craze that the sake spawns in France!

Hosted by the sake sommelier, the Japanese sake tasting workshop is an excellent way to " educate" the palate of your customers but also to retain them !

Your customers want to make their taste buds travel and seek to live a unique experience ?

Offer your customers the chance to discover Japanese sake thanks to the Pop-up Sake Bar hosted by sommelier sake!

To animate and create a unique experience for your customers, we work in partnership with a Japanese music orchestra .

Enough to motivate your customers to come to your place and taste Japanese sake!


Pop-up sake bar

Let's go sake!

Because each of our customers is different, we adapt the communication around Japanese sake to your image !

Combined with communication and promotion, your sales of Japanese sake will increase considerably !

To do this, we work in partnership with a specialized company.

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Creation of marketing materials

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