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Hokuso Sanyu

Sake emblematic of the Washinoo sake brewery, its name comes from a Chinese poem where the three friends (“sanyu” in Chinese) who make life attractive are poetry, the koto (oriental instrument similar to a harp) and sake. . This sake has been designed to make life pleasant.

Its aromas are appetizing, ripe banana and butter coat floral fragrances (pear blossom). The pastry character asserts itself in the finale.

On the palate, the alliance of the Gin Ginga variety of rice and the frankness of Gin Otome gives a round and fruity character, offset by a tangy finish , due to the traditional Yamahai manufacturing method dating back 250 years ago.

This sake is new for 2020.


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Food pairings

Squid, fish, grilled white fish ...

At what temperature to serve?

Fresh / Room temperature / Heated in a water bath

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