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Harugokoro Junmai Kimoto






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With its aromas of mushrooms , butters, and soy, this Japanese sake will make you love cheese more than ever.

Brewed in a very small Nishide Shuzo brewery (3 people only), this sake was made using one of the oldest Japanese sake brewing method: The "Kimoto" method consists of not adding lactic acid and use indigenous yeasts.

Junmai Kimoto Haruhiko is an exceptional sake that combines Japanese tradition and French cheese.


The sommelier's advice:

Heat this sake in a bain-marie to 50 ° -55 ° and pair it with a good aged Comté (cheese). For a sensational discovery, do not hesitate to mix everything in the mouth.

Nishide Brewery

Nishide Shuzo is a small family producer based in Komatsu, Ishikawa County, 400km northwest of Tokyo, across from the Sea of Japan. Hirohisa took over this house a few years ago, wishing to preserve family traditions and respect the surrounding nature, which are the guarantors of its quality. A small house (3 people only) but with a lot of ambition and a real desire to further raise the level of its artisanal sake.

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