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Chikusen Umeshu






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Exceptional and unique, Chikusen's Umeshu or Umesake is a sake macerated with Japanese plum.

Brewed with 100% pure Yamadanishiki rice, this brew has been macerated in a large amount of ume, sourced from Hyogo Prefecture. The result gives once e n mouth, an explosion of flavors , very close to those of the original fruit , a with notes of spices, nuts and soy.

The sommelier's advice:

Consume this fresh sake as an aperitif. For the adventurous, you can also drink it heated in a bain-marie… A fruity treat with dark chocolate.
Tajime Shuzo Chikusen

Tajime Shuzo - Chikusen

Mr. Hirotaka Tajime is the head of the Chikusen brewery. Its philosophy is "hitotsubu no kome ni mo mugen no chikara ari" which means "Even with a single grain of rice we have eternal strength" Its sake brewery was founded in 1702. It conveys a high-end image throughout its brand "Chikusen". Chikusen Brewery is located in the heart of the Hyogo region. This is the historic region of sake. The term "Chikusen" means "the bamboo fountain". This name recalls sacred water, water of exceptional quality, which irrigates the plains where the Tajime family has lived since the Genroku period (late 17th century).

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