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Le Comptoir Inari

Created by a real Sake Sommelier, Le Comptoir Inari aims to introduce Japanese Sake and make it as accessible as possible to Europeans. We want to give it a place in European cuisine.

Through Le Comptoir, we will share our experiences and our passion together over a good glass of sake, under the testimony of Inari, Japanese deity of rice growth, represented by a fox ! 


For the record, Japanese Sake is often confused with Baiju, called “Sake” in a large number of Asian restaurants, which is a distillery alcohol, served as a digestif.

The real Japanese Sake, its real name Nihonshu, is a traditional Japanese alcoholic drink that is 2000 years old. This drink is made from the fermentation of rice and is generally between 14% and 18% alcohol.

Both subtle and full of surprises, it is intended to enhance your meals, thanks to its multiple possibilities and aromas! 

Présentation Nihonshu

My story

Loving life, curious, epicurean, sommelier in Japanese sake, but above all passionate. These are the words that define me.

My name is Nicolas and I am the creator of Le Comptoir Inari. Passionate from a young age by Japanese culture, but also by gastronomy, the French terroir and the sharing of experience.

Today I would like to share with you the power of Japanese Sake, which will surprise you and help you discover a new way to enjoy your meals. 




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