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The Japanese box: a growing trend

It's no longer a secret: Japanese culture fascinates the French more and more, whether through leisure activities such as manga, events such as the Japan Expo or gastronomy such as the explosion of Japanese restaurants throughout France.

At the same time, the rise of online sales and monthly box subscription systems testify to new consumer trends. Subscribing to a Japanese box is therefore attracting more and more Internet users. But a Japanese box, what exactly is it?

What is a Japanese box?

This increasingly popular concept refers to a one-off subscription or purchase of a box containing one product (or more) from Japan. Indeed, the land of the rising sun offers many quality exclusives that it is difficult to obtain in France without paying fees. astronomical port. And again, many references are complicated to order because you have to go through sites entirely in Japanese! It's not easy to order Japanese products of your choice under these conditions.

One of the best ways to get it is therefore to go through a Japanese box system (one-off or subscription). Unless you have planned a trip to Japan, this is a great opportunity to benefit from these products from the other side of the world. You will be able to discover something completely unknown in connection with Japanese culture

The strengths of the box

Benefiting from quality products directly imported from Japan is not the only strength of a Japanese box. Just like many other types of box, this one allows to receive randomly one or more products. So we have an effect of surprise, because the products vary each time! So many opportunities to discover new elements of the culture of the land of the rising sun by having it delivered directly to your home.

There are several kinds of Japanese boxes : we will have the one focused on creative arts including, for example, objects for making calligraphy or Japanese fabrics for sewing. Other boxes like the Candysan box will focus on food with full of nibbles impossible to find outside of Japan.

Of course, you will also find other Japanese boxes mixing a number of different products like the Peko Peko box.

Le Comptoir Inari offers high-end sake , we have decided to offer a box offer in this sense. We invite you to discover it in more detail below!

The Comptoir Inari sakebox, an exclusivity in France

Do you want to discover different flavors of Japanese sake? Or maybe you are already a connoisseur? That's good, we offer a subscription system to the sakebox ( or one-shot purchase) to allow you to discover (or rediscover) premium Japanese spirits .

Carefully selected and carefully packaged, the package of our Japanese seasonal box will contain the following products:

- Two Japanese Junmai sakes

- Two Japanese beers

- A non-alcoholic drink (eg tea or Yuzu drink)

- An accessory for tasting

What to treat yourself to pleasant gourmet moments for aperitifs or during a meal!

Our Japanese box changes every 3 months, and is sent at this rate, to match your tasting to each season !

Of course, the sakebox comes with a precise description of the different products.

The one for fall 2020 included, for example, a Koï Koï Junmai Ginjo, a Za Junmai, two different Coedo craft beers and a Tensai Tea for the soft drink. So many flavors for all tastes! This box also came with an accessory, a pretty Maneki-neko coaster made entirely by hand.

Our products are all from artisanal producers and manufacturers , in order to offer you a taste experience faithful to Japanese culture . Traditional Japan comes to your taste buds!

Note that our special sake box does not commit you to anything, you can completely opt for the seasonal box on an ad hoc basis . If you like it, you can take out a 6, 9 or 12 month subscription which allows you to benefit from a decreasing unit price on your seasonal box. You are free to choose the formula that suits you !

Finally, it is also possible for you to consult the details of the sakebox of the moment before placing your order. Each product sheet of Comptoir Inari then allows you to discover the flavors in more detail and peculiarities of each of them.

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