Where to eat sake in Japan?

How about we take a trip? Maybe you want to go visit Japan one day? There are several places to drink Japanese Sake.

The first method is simply to go to some Japanese sake breweries, but also to museums around the sake. Japan now wants to develop the Japanese sake market. Therefore, most tourist offices will advise you on breweries to visit.

Then the second method, which is a very nice and convivial experience, is to go to "Izakaya".

You should know that in Japan (especially in the big cities), life is outside. Indeed, the houses are very small and expensive. You quickly find yourself cramped there for a night out with friends.

As a result, after work, we end up in "Izakaya" which can be compared to "wine bars". In this place, we drink and eat, in a very festive and relaxed atmosphere. What to spend a pleasant evening and discover the Japanese from a less strict angle!

For the record, "Izakaya" arrived in the Edo period (between 1603 and 1868) when a sake merchant serving a few tasting glasses in a corner of his shop decided to offer a few plates of local specialties as an accompaniment. to snack.

This is how the "Izakaya" concept is launched. It then becomes normal to have a drink, eat small dishes while chatting with the boss or his neighbors at the table. In Japan, this place becomes the place of socialization and meetings.

Traditionally, "Izakaya" is a small establishment open from 5pm until late at night, which you will find thanks to the "Aka Chôchin", which are red lanterns. The welcome is very warm, the people are cheerful, and it is especially the opportunity to taste local Japanese sake.


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