How is sake an exceptional alcohol?

If you are still wondering whether or not Japanese sake is an exceptional alcohol; then this article should guide you.

But before that, we will explain to you in several points why sake is an exceptional alcohol:

Japanese sake is more expensive than wine?

Overall, it's harder to find sake at such an affordable price as wine. For equal quality, sake is more expensive in Japan than wine in France.

The price of sake in France can be explained by the following elements:

  • Importation from Japan. Indeed, importing products that require significant attention from Japan remains expensive. Logistics costs therefore represent a large part of the price.
  • A process often more complex than that of wine, and also more expensive.

However, there are still inexpensive sakes. But often they are not made with 100% rice and can be industrial sake. But we find this type of phenomenon in all alcohols.

Japanese sake is more difficult to imagine than wine

As said before, making sake is very quickly more complex and expensive than making wine. In fact, to begin with, the rice used for making sake is a special "SAKAMAI" type rice. Then you have to come and work this rice, especially by polishing it.

Ensuite, le processus de fabrication du saké est plus long et plus complexe. (cf. schéma ci-dessous et lien vers article fabrication du saké)

Comparatif saké & vin


Japanese sake goes better than wine

Japanese sake has more flavor possibilities than wine. (more than 600 possible flavors). Which makes it the perfect companion for meals.

That being said, in his conception of taste, sake pairs differently. Take the example of red wine. By its taste and its flavors, it can easily dominate the dish that you will be eating. Sake will not dominate your food. He will envelop her. And it is in this context that sake reveals its taste interest.

Japanese sake cannot be compared

We all tend to compare sake with beer, wine, or other alcohol that is more familiar to us. However, comparing helps to know how to taste sake. In terms of smell, texture, taste, or even the perception of aromas, sake is a very different alcohol. Learning to enjoy sake will change your perception of taste.

So sake, an exceptional alcohol?

We will say that Japanese spirits are very often very good or even excellent. You just have to see what the Japanese manage to do with Whiskey or even Gin.

They are "masters" in the conception of exceptional alcohol. Japanese sake (Nihonshu), being their historic drink, is no exception to this rule.


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