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Sake tasting by David, Azuki restaurant

For this witness, it is David Bernard, sake sommelier , jury at the Kuramaster and manager in Mâcon of the restaurant Azuki and the delicatessen Autour du Yuzu, who tastes our Japanese sakes

First of all, a few words about Azuki.

The Azuki restaurant invites you to come and discover the authentic flavors of Japan in the heart of Mâcon.

For a most authentic trip, freshness is essential and we work from fresh products that we will transform on site to offer the best flavors.

Prepared by an experienced sushi master, you will discover makis, sushi and sashimi prepared with respect and dexterity. But also you will have the opportunity to taste different hot and popular dishes in Japan such as Yakitoris , dons and udons . To accompany his dishes and perfect the discovery of flavors, a selection of fresh and balanced sakes as well as Japanese whiskeys , has been concocted.

Do not hesitate to follow them on their facebook page Azuki and Autour du Yuzu .

Here is his opinion on our various sakes imported exclusively for Le Comptoir Inari.

Hanagaki Junmai Ginjo

It's a Japanese sake that has Peps!
A fine nose of airy yeast, to the taste the iodine side is intense and long. A taste of grape stalk, slight presence of orange peel. A bold side that evokes Meursault and premier cru charms. A tomato side also stands out and it is very pleasant but complex. It’s a sake that should be drunk chilled. With a raclette it would be ideal, an Auvergne hotpot, mozarella tomato… Or even a sauerkraut!




Chikusen Black Label

This is a top-flight selection from the Comptoir Inari catalog.

This Sake has a delicate salty side to pair with red meat. Which is particularly interesting.
Tasted at 16 °, it's a real crush!




Hanagaki Kijonenpu 10

Macvin note, straw wine, phenomenal length. Bitter cocoa aroma with a sweetness on the nose, peanut.

This is a double fermentation and aged sake that you absolutely must discover. An acidity returns at the end, which lets imagine pairings with marbled cheeses such as Roquefort and chocolate.

It's a bomb!




You will soon be able to find some of our sakes in their delicatessen Autour du Yuzu!

Restaurant Azuki

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