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Cooking with sake

While sake is a great drink to enjoy with a good meal , or on its own, it can also be used to whip up different dishes , with or without cooking. Be careful not to confuse this rice alcohol with the digestif served in some restaurants, which can sometimes be distilled brandy!
So, how to cook with sake ? What types of recipes can you make, with what other products, and how do you use sake to prepare something for you?

Sake in Japanese cuisine

Not surprisingly, this rice alcohol is particularly common in Japanese recipes . It is often accompanied by soy sauce and mirin , two other frequent ingredients for Japanese dishes. Mirin is also another category of sake, but with a sweet taste, very practical for caramelizing dishes.

Some examples of the use of sake for cooking:

Japanese risotto : With rice being Japan’s flagship ingredient, it’s not surprising that our distant Japanese neighbors are making this dish! Unlike the risotto that we know in France or Italy, this one uses miso and, of course, sake (at instead of white wine). For 4 people, there will be 300g of rice and 10cl of sake (the equivalent of a coffee cup or 6 tablespoons). If this seems high, don't panic because some of the sake will evaporate from being cooked in a hot dish. We will pour it after having browned the rice.
Discover the complete recipe for Japanese risotto with sake on laurekie

Japanese-style shrimp noodles : for 4 people, we will plan 4 tablespoons of sake. As an other typically Japanese ingredient , wasabi will also be used to slightly enhance the taste. A simple dish to prepare , ideal if you want pasta more than rice. We serve these noodles with good vegetables such as carrots or peas.
Discover the complete recipe for shrimp noodles Japanese style on aprendresansfaim

Green beans in teriyaki sauce : ideal recipe for vegetarians , here we are also going to combine our sake with mirin and soy sauce. In terms of quantity, count 6 tablespoons of sake for 4 people, which is half as much as for Japanese risotto. One of the most popular sauces in Japan is teriyaki sauce . In addition to being delicious, this seasoning goes well with all kinds of dishes (meat, fish or vegetables). For our bean recipe, this sauce will allow a succulent sweet and savory aroma without making it too fatty.
Discover the complete recipe for beans with teriyaki sauce made from sake on lechameaubleu

Cooking with sake for other savory dishes

sake cooking isn't just about Japanese dishes; here is a small selection of other recipes to make with this rice alcohol.

Sake Chicken Wok : If you are meaty and have a wok in your kitchen, here is a recipe for you! Here, the sake will be used to deglaze the dish , that is to say, pour the rice alcohol to recover the juices at the bottom of the container (here, the wok) and get a juice rich in flavor to accompany your dish!
Discover the complete recipe for chicken with sake on cuisineza

Scallops with oysters and sake : these very popular seafood can perfectly integrate sake in its preparation. We will also give this dish a sweet-salty touch by integrating a tablespoon of honey with 8 cl of sake (about 5 tablespoons). As many oysters as Saint-Jacques will be used for a preparation for 4 people. The sake will be mixed with honey . An ideal dish for a hearty and refined starter !
Discover the complete recipe for scallops with sake and honey on jackie-cuisine


Sake-based desserts

Just like the yuzu fruit, you can use sake in cooking to make all kinds of good desserts . At the Inari counter, we also offer a sake yuzu flavor , Junmai with a unique and refreshing flavor . This rice alcohol will rather be consumed as an aperitif, although some desserts include it in their preparation (see below).
So, what desserts to prepare with sake? Some ideas :

Dessert fruits rouges et granité saké : envie de fraîcheur avec un dessert fruité ? Ce dessert simple alliera la saveur du saké (10 cl pour 4 personnes) aux framboises, fraises, myrtilles et cerises noires. Parfait en période estivale où l’on préfère les desserts froids et légers.
Le saké sera utilisé pour préparer un granité en mixant avec les 10cl environ 200g de framboises fraîches. Ce granité préalablement rafraîchi viendra accompagner une assiette de fruits rouges (50g). Pour encore plus de saveurs nippones, on pourra incorporer une feuille de mochi sur les fruits.
Découvrir la recette complète sur elle.fr

Baba with sake and exotic fruits : another fruity recipe and more gourmet , that of sake baba. Our Japanese drink will replace rum, for an exotic blend that will delight you. This cake will be accompanied by a fruit minestrone made up of mango, kiwi and passion fruit. The sake will be used to cook this dessert to prepare the baba syrup which will sprinkle this delicious cake.
Discover the complete sake baba recipe on nutrissime

Matcha cake, pistachios, white chocolate and sake jelly : a dessert that will delight the most gourmet among us! We were talking about yuzu sake a little earlier, that's good, here is an example of a dessert in which to integrate this type of sake precisely (12cl or 8 tablespoons). It will be integrated from the start of the recipe, being brought to the boil with sugar and cream. We will then make a jelly which will cover this delicious cake before serving.
Discover the complete recipe for this gourmet cake on hagengrote


Thus, sake , in addition to being enjoyed at the start, end or throughout a meal, can also be used for various recipes .

Cooking with sake will bring a Japanese touch to your dishes, will enhance their taste, and will suit both savory and sweet dishes! Something to feast on at home, or in a Japanese restaurant for example.

Cuisine au saké

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