Our Japanese sake brewers

Nambu Shuzo Brewery

The Nambu shuzo brewery was created in 1733. Its current president, Mr. Nambu, represents the 9th generation who presides over this brewery which has become famous thanks to its “Hanagaki” brand. His son, Takuya Nambu, has been working from a young age in different breweries, he recently returned to the family brewery to take up the torch when the time came.

“Hanagaki” has been combining tradition and innovation for almost 3 centuries. This brand, emblem of the Nambu shuzo brewery, offers very original quality sakes. Hanagaki is located in the Fukui region, famous for the quality of its water which comes directly from the surrounding mountains. Mr. Nambu favors the local aspect by purchasing from local rice farmers.

The water used by Mr. Nambu is Ono water. It is reputed to be one of the 100 remarkable waters of Japan recognized by the Ministry of the Environment, which is the administrative division of the national government.

Tajime Shuzo brewery

Mr. Hirotaka Tajime is the head of the Chikusen brewery. Its philosophy is "hitotsubu no kome ni mo mugen no chikara ari" which means "Even with one grain of rice we have eternal strength"

Mr. Tajime perpetuates a know-how of more than 300 years. Its sake brewery was founded in 1702. It conveys a high-end image through its “Chikusen” brand.

Chikusen Brewery is located in the heart of the Hyogo region. This is the historic region of sake.

The term "Chikusen" means "the bamboo fountain". This name is reminiscent of sacred water, water of exceptional quality, which has irrigated the plains where the Tajime family has lived since the Genroku period (late 17 th century).

Its sake is regularly awarded in international tastings and recognized throughout Japan.

Mr. Tajime attaches great importance to respect for people and their environment. Indeed, its sake is made from organic and local rice. The selection of bacteria is done naturally, without adding artificial yeasts.

"We have allowed the return of the storks by rethinking our production in the local environment"


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