What is the SakeBox?

We realize that it is difficult to choose Japanese sake. This is why we created the SakeBox!

You will be able to discover different Japanese sakes chosen by our sommelier sake .

This Box contains 2 Japanese sakes, 2 Japanese beers, 1 soft drink, 1 Japanese accessory.  

The SakeBox operates by season: Each season of the year, its content changes! So the changes are made in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Time remaining before the change of season


How it works ?

By taking a subscription, you receive 1 time per season your SakeBox!

For example: You will receive a SakeBox in Autumn then one in Winter ...

SakeBox Seasonal

Without subscription
  • Receive the SakeBox of the season

2 SakeBox

6 month subscription
48 /SakeBox
  • Receive 1 SakeBox for each season (In total 2 SakeBox)

3 SakeBox

9 month subscription
46 /SakeBox
  • Receive 1 SakeBox for each season (In total 3 SakeBox)

4 SakeBox

12 month subscription
43 /SakeBox
  • Receive 1 SakeBox for each season (In total 4 SakeBox)

What does the SakeBox contain?

2 Japanese "Junmai" sakes

2 Japanese beers

1 Japanese or Inspired alcohol-free drink

1 Japanese accessory

You don't like surprises?

We give you the opportunity to discover the content of the SakeBox in advance!

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