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On this page, we offer you tasting workshops that we organize. Notre objectif est de faire découvrir le Saké Japonais & d’initier les Français à cette boisson !  

Why ?

We are aware that Japanese Sake is an unknown or unknown drink for many people.

While this drink should be known as an alternative to French Wines, many French people see Japanese Sake as a digestif.

We would like to share our passion with you and help you discover the value of consuming Japanese sake by offering you tailor-made tasting workshops for individuals and professionals.

Japanese Sake is a drink made to be shared during meals in good company. It is a convivial drink and we want to share this conviviality with you during our tasting sessions. 

We are convinced that Japanese Sake will find a place among your bottles of Wine! 

Dégustation saké

Tailor-made tasting workshop

Do you want to organize a tasting workshop around Japanese sake? 

In order to best meet everyone's convenience, we organize tailor-made tasting workshops.

These workshops can be composed of:

  • A presentation of the different aspects of sake (origins, history, manufacture ...)
  • An initiation into different sakes
  • Food and sake pairings ...
We will bring you all our knowledge & experience on Sake!

Ateliers de Dégustation & Événements